The Degerberg Academy June 2000 Picnic!

The Degerberg Academy
June 2000 Picnic

The shots below were taken on June 25, 2000. We had such a good time we got a little "Picnic Crazy" and decided to have two more, one in July (which Yvonne missed, because it was scheduled the same weekend as Necon), and one in August. The weather was perfect for both the picnics Yvonne attended, and she overate terribly at both. It's a good thing she gets her exercise during training! Remember: Don't hesitate to drop Yvonne an email (von @ if your name should be in the caption box next to one of these photos. You can click on any small image to see the full-sized version!

What do I look like-- a tree?!
Steve Bouchard uses
Von to hold himself upright.
Happy Happy, Joy Joy
Matthew Stover and
Robyn Drake, still
talking after all these years.
Luis hasn't taught him to smile yet.
Luis Portela teaches
a student football.
Andrea Collins whirls
by the picnic table.
The guy in the middle is holding up the other two.
Danny Brenka and friends.
Note how young Danny looks
a mere month before his birthday.
You have no idea what this blue stuff does to our brains.
Gary Miller and Dan Ward:
Blue Man Group.
We could be sisters.
Von and Katie Degerberg smile at the camera.
They could be brothers.
Dan and George. We are all happy.
Trying to look innocent.
Rick Stewart,
John L'Herault,
Steve Bouchard.
We are happier.
Lucila Espedido
and Other Half.
My Daddy can take yours.
Oscar Bravo and Daughter. Pay attention and you'll see him in this same pose on other pages.
Could have been a pet advertisement.
Heidi shows off Buddy.
Graceful fall.
A student learns stunt falling.
Panicked jump.
Another students just goes for the leap.

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