The Degerberg Academy August 2000 Picnic!

The Degerberg Academy
August 2000 Picnic

The shots below were taken on August 13, 2000, which also happened to be Master Fred Degerberg's 55th birthday, the third picnic in our picnic-crazy summer. The weather was perfect for both the picnics Yvonne attended, and she overate terribly at both. Again, it's a good thing she gets her exercise during training! Remember: Don't hesitate to drop Yvonne an email (von @ if your name should be in the caption box next to one of these photos. You are waiting for 16 photos to load, so be strong(er) and hang in there!

The Rulers
Master Fred Degerberg and wife Katie.
Actually, Von might be old enough to be Mia's mother.
Von and Mia. We look like sisters.
A model shot.
Mike Beevis, Holly and daughter.
This guy can fix anything.
Sara and daughter, Buddha statue in the background, Healer Bill, Gary Miller.
So are they REALLY this cute together?
Alvin Mendoza and Erin Arnett. What a couple.
I swear I told him to smile.
Yuris and Vicki Caputo.
Rick is using Mia's head to stay upright.
Mia and Rick Stewart.
The perfect pix.
Leia and pal.
Don't let them fool you.  They're ALL guilty.  Well, except for the kid.
Group Shot! Angela Gibson and daughter, Pete Cruz and wife, Greg Znajda, Lillian Leung.
Don't ask.  The road to Decadence is short.
Danny Brenka and a bunch of n'er-do-wells. See how far he's fallen only a month after his birthday party.
What did we just tell you?
Two old guys lead a youngster astray.
Some people are just born hams, while others... well.
Sour Face Bill
Economos, Happy Chris Butler and wife.
Auditioning for The Sound of Music.
Mario Hoffman poses.
Thinks they're going to get Mario's part.
Dan Ward also
poses, with a friend.
Jill attacks.
Jill tries to look
evil with black fingernails.
Von evens out the odds.
Von with John L'Herault and Rick Stuart. Note how she makes no attempt to hide her weapon.

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