Arizona Paradise Page (1) -- Yvonne Navarro


Ten more lovely photos from May, 1999. We love hiking!
Click on any photo to see the full picture!

Jude's House?
Friend Jude Manget in South Mountain Park.
Spelunking Don
Friend Don goes
Red Rock/Sedona
The classic Red Rock
shot in Sedona.
More Sedona
More fabulous Sedona.
Von holds up the world!
Von 'I Have To Do
Everything' holds up
the world.
Von on the Cholla
Von at the top
of Cholla Trail.
Sedona clearing...
Sedona starts
to clear up.
Von towers
over Arizona.
Prickly Pear
A gorgeous prickly pear cactus in bloom. Now you know where our page background came from!
Final Sedona
A final shot
of Sedona.

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