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"Hi Everyone!

Anyone who knows me, even a little, knows I dream of relocating to Arizona. I'm a heat person all the way down to my soul. When the temperature rises, I get happier; when it drops, I get cranky, indeed. I've been all over the continental US and a few places outside of it, but nowhere else in the world do I feel more comfortable than in my beloved Arizona. While the crowds and growing traffic problems in the Phoenix areas are making me reconsider that as my eventual relocation point, I will still, someday, claim Arizona as the last word before the zip code on my address!

"Because Arizona is where I'm happiest, I'd like to share a few shots from my last two visits. Most are from 1999, but there are a few really beautiful ones from '98 that begged to be webbed. The final count is four shots from 1998, then sixteen fabulous and fun views from 1999, with ten shots on each page.


-- Yvonne --
The First part of Paradise.

The Second part of Paradise.

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