Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Wicked Willow by Yvonne Navarro


They say there are millions of alternate life pathways, that each and every one of us generates a new path and alternate persona with every choice we make. Turn left instead of right, and the number thirty-four bus ends one path because of a brake failure; pause to admire a butterfly and yet another pathway forms--the original continues to its fateful meeting with the faulty bus, while the persona in the new one arrives, luckily, too late at the intersection and the malfunctioning vehicle speeds past without incident... only to crash into the old Cadillac Seville idling on the corner, the one with the couple in it who drove down from Tuscaloosa to visit friends. Existence is an unseen spider web glittering with endless possibilities. And while we seldom break through the veil of alternate universes and most of us will forever insist such things cannot be, all these things, all these secondary personas, do, indeed, exist...

Wicked Willow

Wicked Willow:

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The Darkening - May 2004
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Shattered Twilight - July 2004
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Broken Sunrise - September 2004
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Wicked Willow Omnibus

The Wicked Willow Omnibus.
Published in the UK in 2004.

The Willow Files, Vol. 1

The Willow Files, Vol. 2.

Tempted Champions.

Tales of the Slayer, Vol. 1.

Tales of the Slayer, Vol. 3.


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The Willow Files Vol. 1, French Edition

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