World Horror Convention 1996

A place as lush and beautiful as Eugene, Oregon should be memorialized as much as possible. Jogging along the River Walk alongside the hotel in early May and seeing bushes with raspberries already forming was a stunning sight, indeed. The convention itself was packed full of interest ing people and events. For those poor souls who couldn't share in the fun, here's twelve great photos. Since '96 was a loooong time ago, we're going to skip the flash of pop-ups and just give you the straight goods. Pics are small and won't take too long to load.

The hotel's beautiful courtyard.
The lovely courtyard of the Valley River Inn in Eugene.
The hotel's River Walk
The lush river walk behind the Valley River Inn.
Clive Barker
The one, the only... Clive Barker.
Michael Arnzen
Michael Arnzen.
Von at the Mic
Von at the microphone.
Brian Hodge and Sean Doolittle
Brian Hodge and Sean Doolittle.
Cindie Geddes
Cindie Geddes.
Engineer Don V.
Don VanderSluis.
Von and Clive Barker
That Famous Guy again -- Clive Barker -- with Von.
Alan and the Rat
Alan Clark and his Birthday Rat.
A Skeletal Birthday Cake
The Best Kind of Birthday Cake!
Betsy and the Lizard
Betsy Engstrom and her Birthday Lizard.

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