Yvonne Navarro: Photos from World Horror Convention 2001

World Horror Convention
Seattle, Washington - May, 2001

Admittedly, Von is not someone who enjoys a climate that tends to be cool and humid. Still, as with Eugene a few years ago, there's undeniable beauty along the northwestern coast in the spring. Rhododendrums and a thousaad other flowers with unknown names, sunshine when she thought there'd be rain, the company of good friends-- you just can't ask for more in the course of a writers' convention. If you click on the smaller images, you'll see we've upped the image size from earlier con pages so you can get a for really good view of the fun.

The Writerly Types at the Writerly Signings
Writerly Types
Michael Marano,
Tananarive Due,
Gary Jonas.
Von, kind of awake
Von tries to stay awake at the Elliot Bay Booksigning.
Sephera Giron, Von, and Alexa deMonterice dazzled the poor guy aiming the camera.
Von, supportive.
Von holds up well-known artist, Gak. Von has to do everything.
Bob & John
Prolific author Robert Weinberg and John Everson
A florish of Red!
The spectacular Red Demon, Alexa deMonterice.
Wait, these writers aren't writing! They're reading!
Von snags her chance to preview a chunk of her novel, Mirror Me.
Blah blah...
Weston Ochse reads from his collection, Scary Rednecks and Other Inbred Horrors.
Blah blah blah...
Lorelei Shannon reads from her collection, Vermifuge, and Other Toxic Cocktails.
A Paneling We Will Go!
Boy, do we look excited or what?
The "How to Write a Fight Scene" Panel. Note Von's Kali sticks beside her on the table. She offered to bring a bit of authenticity to the members of the audience, but everyone declined..
Oh, you better not!
During the excitement of the Buffyfest Panel, Von levies a threatening look at the photographer.
The Addictive Dealers' Room
Nice hat!
Don D'Auria dons (hee hee) his trademark, The Red Hat.
Now HERE's a nice-looking couple!
Author and artist and always smiling Alan Clark with lovely wife Melody.
Two-Blue-Eyes.  Or is that four?
Weston Ochse and Von at the DarkTales table.
Be very afraid.
Feo Amante and Mike Hyuck. We should all run.
Cool-Hand Luke
Rich Lukes, sans sleep, mans the Twilight Tales table.
It's Dress-Up Time -- The HWA Banquet!
Oh boy, look at THESE three!
Weston Ochse, Ed Bryant, Feo Amante. Trouble just waiting to happen.
Yeah.  In his DREAMS.
Von, Weston Ochse, and the incomparably beautiful Rain Graves. Can Weston handle it?
Yep, there he is again.
Brian Hopkins accepts the Bram Stoker for First Novel. Once again, Von gets to say "I told you so."
Von brings a little bit of darkness to the flowers.
Tina Jens, the Twilight Tales producer, shows off her exquisite new dinner jacket and hat ensemble.
Yes, he cleans up well.
Weston Ochse shows the Sopranos how they should really dress.
Arizona Duo
Weston Ochse with friend Les Reese.
Going to the opera?
The impecably attired Sandra Katsuri and Brett Savory.
Very carefully balanced.
Von with Weston Ochse. You just can't get her away from those rhododendrums.
Still happy after all these years.
Barry and Tina Jens prepare to do the Stokers.

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