Yvonne Navarro: Photos from World Fantasy Convention 2000

World Fantasy Convention
Corpus Christi, Texas - Oct. 2000

Ocean breezes and unseasonably cool weather (a condition that seems to haunt Von wherever she goes, alas) were offset by a great group of people and loads of good times at the World Fantasy Convention in Corpus Christi, Texas. As is our "policy" here at the Palace, we just can't keep the good times to ourselves. Take a peek and share in the fun, click on the small images to see the full view.

Von and Steve
Von with author Stephen R. Donaldson. Photo by Beth Gwinn.
Hangin' with the Kids
Von hangs around the younger Donaldson crowd: Perri on left, Ross in the center. Photo by Beth Gwinn.
Father Donaldson & Son
Father and Son: Ross and Stephen R. Donaldson.
The Morhaim Family
The annual Morhaim Family Dinner. Our benefactor, Howard Morhaim, stands from and center in his tux. Photo by Beth Gwinn.
Don, stuffed
Don VanderSluis, post-lobster.
Von, martoonied
Von, in the bar after dinner, post-two martoonies. Er, martinis.
Stop laughing at my hair, darn it!
Von at the author signing with Joe and Gay Haldeman, who are obviously laughing at Von's Bad Hair Day. Hmph. Photo by Beth Gwinn.
And what are THESE two giggling about, anyway??!
Twin Smiles: Perri Donaldson at the banquet with Bantam Spectra editor Anne Lesley Groell
Say Cheese!
Von at the banquet, having a Better Hair Day. Photo by Anne Groell.
1, 2, 3 -- Pose!
A wider shot showing Von, Mike Stackpole, Kay Kenyon, K.W. Jeeter. Photo by Anne Groell.
Old Friends
Von and old friends Joe HisOwnSelf and Karen Lansale.
Ross Donaldson gets in the Tex-Mex spirit at the banquet.

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