Yvonne Navarro: Photos from Tus-Con 2000

Tus-Con 2000 & Sierra Vista
November 2000

This was my first time at Tus-Con in Tucson, Arizona, so I only knew a few people. Still, I had a great time and it's no big secret that the con being held in Arizona guaranteed I'd enjoy myself anyway. To top it off, I got to see my treasured friend Liz Danforth for the first time since May of 1999. Friends Mike Stackpole and Adam Niswander were also in attendance, but Weston Ochse really made the trip for me. He offered me his house as a place to stay, his dog as a surrogate pet, and himself as a chauffeur, topnotch guide, and unbeatable accomplice... er, partner for the entire trip. I always knew there were great things going on in Arizona, and Weston is definitely the best of them.

Ed yodels.
Ed Bryant might look like he's
singing opera, but really he's
doing the Toastmaster Thing at
the Opening Ceremonies.
Liz at zee mic.
Artist Guest of Honor
Liz Danforth says hello
to everyone.
Adam and Weston
Adam Niswander and
Weston Ochse at the
Opening Ceremonies.
They might have smiled, had
they been =looking= at the
camera, but oh nooooooo...
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Adam and his cigarette.
Adam Niswander takes a
break from the chaotic rush
of the convention weekend.
Rednecks who read.
Author Weston Ochse
reads 'Sweet Little Piggy'
from his award-nominated
collection, 'Scary
Rednecks and Other
Inbred Horrors.'
You can't fool me.  They're plotting the end of the world.
Mark Segal, John
Vornholt, Weston
Ochse, and Mike
Stackpole talk about
the fine art of writing.
_Von, chilling in AZ
Von goes hiking on
an unseasonably chilly
(doesn't that just figure?)
Arizona day.
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Zombie, hopping.
Weston gives his Bull
Terrior, Zombie, a few
much-appreciated pats.
Go tell it on the Mountain...
Weston, standing on
a mountain with
Mexico behind him.
Weston, a la Army
Duty calls, so Weston
goes to work.
Blooming rare!
A close-up of the rare bloom
of the Yucca (or Jesus) plant
in the high desert.
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