Yvonne Navarro: Photos from Twilight Terrors 2000

Twilight Terrors & Chi-Con
September 2000

Two cons, both in the hometown area of Chicago. Twilight Terrors was a nifty little horror convention mixed with a group of model makers, and it was a first time for the Twilight Terrors group. Next year they plan to go solo, but every one had a darned good time for a first attempt. Lots of local fun and lots of friends, because even though it was the virgin voyage for T-Terrors, folks came from far and wide to share in the fun. Chi-Con was huge, of course, one of the legendary world science fiction conventions. We have a few photos from each to share, and of course clicking on any small image will bring up the full size version.

Von smiles at the camera.
Von smiles for the camera.
Jeez, Wayne!
Author Wayne Allen
Sallee smiles at, uh, Von.
Von, a la stardom.  Well, maybe not.
Von gets her five seconds
of fame with an ABC/Channel
7 news reporter.
Seph shows off her smile.
The lovely Sephera Giron shows off her smile. So much for thinking women writers have gray buns atop their heads and granny glasses!
Alexa the Red
To further crush the stereotype, the stunning Alexa deMonterice shows off her Red.
Jay is always this happy.  It's disgusting.
Von with occasional co-conspirator and author Jay Bonansinga.
Wet Chicago
A view of Chicago, site of Chi-Con 2000, from the river's edge.
Bantam Bunch 1
The Bantam Bunch at dinner. Front left, Kris Rusch, Chris Artis, Catherine Asaro. Right front, editor Anne Lesley Groell. Other minions peer from the background.
Bantam Bunch 2
A view of the Bantam Bunch from the other end. Leading the pack on the right are Kevin Anderson and Rebecca Moestra. Other minions still cower in the back.
Connie and Annie, er, Anne
A Dangerous Duo: Connie Willis and Anne Lesley Groell. World Beware.
Deceptive Smiles...
Another Suspicious Twosome: Von and Catherine Asaro.

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