The novelization
by Yvonne Navarro

Species II... Natasha Henstridge, Michael Madsen and and Marg Helgenberger return in the exciting, action-packed sequel.
They called her Sil. A genetic hybrid. Born in a laboratory and bred from a unique mixture of human and alien DNA, she posed a deadly threat to humanity's domination of the Earth-- until she was tracked down and destroyed.

Now an exact replica of Sil, called Eve, has been created as part of a top-secret governmental research project. The scientists' goal is to study this new creature in hopes of finding a way to defend mankind against another extraterrestrial menace.

But they may already be too late. Astronauts returning from Mars have brought with them an alien infection that has invaded their minds and bodies, turning them into unwitting hosts to another malevolent breed of invader. A new species is on the loose, leaving death and destruction in its wake.

Eve is humanity's only hope for survival-- or perhaps it ultimate destroyer.

Species II
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