Necon 1997:
Photographic Evidence... er, Memories

Welcome to the Camp Necon suite at Darke Palace. Necon is a small (maximum 200 people) writers' convention held annually in the Rhode Island area since 1980 -- two decades and still going strong. It's also Yvonne's favorite places to go in the summer. If you'd like to learn more about this great con, visit the Necon site for up-to-date info. Yvonne is also the Necon Webmistress/Queen, and she keeps the site as up to date as possible. It's always full of more evidence and photos. We're keeping these 1997 ones here in Darke Palace just because we want to. Click on any little image to see a big image!

Dave Hinchberger
People Hanging Around Outside The Panels: The esteemed Dave Hinchberger, King of the Overlook Connection.
Beth Massie buys a soda.
People Hanging Around Outside The Panels: Beth Massie enjoys a healthy mid-morning snack.
Women in Horror
People ON Some Of The Panels: 'Horror: It's a Gal Thing' (Translation: Women Are Good). L-R: Ginjer Buchanan, Yvonne Navarro, Beth Massie, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.
Horrible Men (ha ha)
People ON Some Of The Panels: 'Horror: It's a Guy Thing' (Translation: Men Are Bad. See blackboard.) L-R: Steven Spruill, Jack Ketchum, Rick Hautala, Matt Costello.
Ms. Massie
The Legendary Necon Roast: Introduction by Ms. Massie.
Doug Winter
The Legendary Necon Roast: Douglas E. Winter explains the way the softball game score really works.
Jack Ketchum
The Legendary Necon Roast: Jack Ketchum honors Roastee Steven Spruill.
F. Paul Wilson
The Legendary Necon Roast: F. Paul Wilson reveals the Marquis de Spruill to the world...
Tom Monteleone
The Legendary Necon Roast: ...with the help of publishing legend Tom Monteleone.
Matthew Costello
The Legendary Necon Roast: Author Matt Costello zings the Roastee again.
Train of Fools
The Legendary Necon Roast: The Choo-Choo at the end of the Roast.
People Hanging Around The Parties: Linda Addison and Alexa deMonterice.
Party On!
People Hanging Around The Parties: A whole bunch of ne'r do wells!
And party some more!
People Hanging Around The Parties: Hmm. Sephera Giron, Kevin Johnson, Ray Carlson, Hank Wagner (holding up the wall), and more.
People Hanging Around The Parties: Aw, how cuddly. Alexa gets a hug from John Platt.
Line 'em up!
People Hanging Around The Goodbye Picnic: A whole line of 'em: Matthew Spinner, Rick Hautala, Sephera Giron, and good ol' Dave Hinchberger. A few more folks there too, but I believe that rump in the background belongs to Les Daniels.
People Hanging Around The Goodbye Picnic: Beth Gwinn and Jack Ketchum, all smiles.

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