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For the hungry web-crawlers bitten by the venom of curiosity, we offer the following strange and wonderful sites. In a place like this, nothing is ever finished and we take no responsibility if you tangle yourself in the Web or get caught in somebody else's Net. If something doesn't work, send me an email (von @ yvonnenavarro.com). The Hall of Links was last tweaked on 7/30/2007.

Personal Picks:

  • DarkEcho's Web, fun in cyberspace for those who seek the darker side of fiction.
  • The Cabinet of Dr. Casey. The premiere place for horror.
  • The House of Pain.
  • Arizona, the warm place in Von's dreams.
  • Chicago's own Twilight Tales.

    Vamps, Monsters and More:

  • Dark Commandos
  • The Page That Dripped Blood...
  • The Vampire Lover
  • Caverns Of Blood The Page of the Living Dead.
  • Feeling brave tonight? Sneak over to the Nightmare Factory. Pleasant dreams, darlings.
  • The H.P. Lovecraft page.

    Pals and Friends and Writers, Oh My!

  • The Only Real Man in the Universe, a true Bubba and God of the South, Weston Ochse ... Writer, Poet and Lover extraordinaire... (Okay, he's my husband. What can I say?)
  • Old pal and photographer extraordinaire, Harry Fassl
  • One of the sweetest gals around who writes horror, Lorelei Shannon.
  • Mary SanGiovanni.
  • The incredibly prolific Robert Weinberg, author of numerous novels, non- fiction, and comics.
  • Get ready for a shot of dark hilarity at Martystories, home of author Martin Mundt.
  • Brian Keene. Like it or not, he will be forever remembered as "He who ate worms in Denver."
  • The immensely talented Gary Braunbeck.
  • The one and only Don Kinney.
  • John Urbancik.
  • Stanley Wiater
  • One of my best pals, The Red Demon.
  • Michael Marano.
  • The Incomparably Lovely Rain Graves
  • Gerard Hourner.
  • Christopher Golden.
  • Visit the virtual home of Lucy Snyder.
  • F. Paul Wilson's Repairman Jack site.
  • Sephera Giron. This woman has the most beautiful dark eyes, hair and smile you've ever seen.
  • Gorgeous Staci Layne Wilson.
  • David Niall Wilson, author of This Is My Blood and lots of other cool stuff.
  • The official David J. Schow web site.
  • Nancy Kilpatrick. Here's a lady versed in the vampiric.
  • A Cool Gal: Nancy Etchemendy.
  • Did you think we only do adult stuff? Nah-- we're kids at heart! Visit talented YA and childrens' author Cynthia Leitich Smith.

    Favorite Artists:

  • My long time artistic friend, Richard Sardinha.
  • Cortney Skinner. This man has a fabulous touch with a brush.
  • An old artsy friend: Alan Clark, the Regular type, or (yes, there's more!) Alan Clark, the Publisher type.
  • The extremely talented Chris Whitlow.
  • Illustrator Kim Parkhurst.
  • Another excellent artist: jimmie guzman arroyo.
  • T. M. Arensberg.
  • H.R. Giger

    Places for Conversations:

  • CYBLING.COM. A great place for online chats with really fantastic folks.

    Food for the Writers:

  • Writers.com
  • The excellent editorial services offered by Kathy Ptacek.
  • The Gila Queen's Guide to Markets -- one of the best in the business!
  • The Word Museum.
  • Horrornet.
  • The Horror Writers Association. Everything you ever wanted to know.
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.
  • The British Fantasy Society.
  • ForWriters.com.
  • The Garden State Horror Writers

    Food for the Couch Pota-doze:

  • ZENtertainment. "The On-line source for the entertainment junkie!"
  • The Adams Residence.
  • ID4!
  • Slink over to Judy's Dark Shadows Home Page.
  • Who could forget Alfred Hitchcock?
  • Deathlands.

    Food for the Fans:

  • The bestest convention ever: Necon.
  • A great hometown Chicago con -- Twilight Terrors.
  • The World Fantasy Convention.
  • Science Fiction Goodies.
  • Horrorfind.com.
  • Buried.com.

    The Foods Court:

  • Ohmigod. The Godiva page. The rumors that Von has sold children for Godiva dark chocolate with fruit cream centers are not true. Really.
  • Hershey's...: Puh-leeze -- Is there anything better in the world?!
  • Late night? Drag yourself over to the Cappuccino Page and smell the virtual beans!
  • Cheesecake, you say? Try the Egg Farm Dairy site.

    Things to Read:

  • The Third Alternative
  • Curled Up With a Good Book.
  • Buzzy's Reviews.
  • Infinity Plus.
  • Terminal Frights magazine.
  • InterText: The Online Fiction Magazine.
  • Dreadful Dreams.
  • FrightNet Online Magazine
  • The Chiaroscuro: Those Who Walk Alone.
  • Underworld Magazine.
  • The Book Lovers page.

    The Way Cool Bookseller Guys:

  • NEW!The Hot Blood site!
  • Bibliofind
  • McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers
  • The Overlook Connection
  • Donald M. Grant Publisher, Inc.
  • Silver Salamander Press.
  • The Bent Cover bookstore, located in my favorite city, Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Book Stacks Unlimited.
  • Blue Moon Books.
  • Mysterious Galaxy.
  • Dark Delicacies Books and Specialties.
  • Virtual Moe's.
  • A great list of booksellers compiled by the HWA.
  • Fool's Progress/Fool's Press.

    The Weird and Wonderful:

  • Carnival Diablo
  • Temptu Body Art Site
  • DAC's Sci/Fi Fantasy Miniature Page

    Medical Row:

  • The National Library of Medicine. This is where they keep the Visible Woman and the Visible Man.
  • Zeno's Forensics Page
  • Forensics. Forensic medicine and pathology sites for the mystery-minded.
  • Visit a forensic entomology page from Norway and learn how to establish times of death [no photos].
  • The basics: The Forensic Science Society.

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