The Early Days

Ever wonder when a writer first gets bitten by that bug? Dozens of people have asked when Yvonne started writing, and her earliest memory-- compiling the front page of a newpaper which proclaimed that a popular children's writer had Died in Fire!-- dates back to about age six or seven. In grammar school she turned in book reports that read "I liked this book because it was interesting." Not much creativity in the writing back then, but still she marched to the library every three weeks with a shopping cart to get her fill of reading-- once she heard the head librarian say to another woman, "Oh God, it's her again." The writing style has thankfully expanded with age (ugh), but that grumpy look on her face hasn't changed a bit. Click on any image to see her from blanket-swaddled babe to pounding upon that very first typewriter!

Baby Von
Bare Buns
Buns to the sun!
Scrunchy Face
A budding Sun Worshipper.
Von goes Hollywood
Liz Taylor's got nothing on me!
An Actress (?) is Born
Hamming it up.
Lil Von in a Big Slip
Costumes are imperative.
The Would-Be Arteeest
A young artist hard at work.
As good as any Picasso!
Young Von at the Typewriter
The shadowy beginnings
of a career.

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