Yvonne Navarro's Photos from Jill and Dan's Excellent Wedding on 6/9/2001 -- The Big Event Itself!

Jill & Dan's Excellent Wedding
June 9, 2001

And a grand time was had by all... but don't take our word for it. If you weren't there, you're invited to join us in this virtual re-visitation of the marriage of Jill Bernstein and Daniel Ward. What you see here is just a tidbit of the great experience, so be sure to click on the small image to get the full-sized view!

Dum Dum de Dum!
Here comes the Bride
Ball and chain??!
Tying the knot
The Big 'Un!
The Big Kiss
The 'Look'
The Look Of Love
Reading a toast.
One toast (of many) made to the Bride and Groom
Getting in the swing of the picture posing thing.
Toby, calmer
Toby, the Bride's Mom... a wee bit calmer now.
The Wards
Mr. and Mrs. Ward, parents of the Groom
The Official Photographer.
The Real photographer, Rick Stewart
Steve Bouchard tilts toward Charles Parrott
Mario "The Sparkling Tie" Hoffman
Rita and Mike Figuero, with... is that eight empty glasses?
More Smiles!
Erin Arnett and Alvin Mendoza, looking way too innocent.
Having way too much fun.
Marisa, Ken, more cool friends
The Dance
The Bride & Groom's First Dance
Wait... how do we do this again?
Got it!
"Oh yeah-- like that!!
A song for the new couple
Dan's Family
Dan and Jill show off Dan's Family
The New Two stand in the Sunshine.
The Truth about the Birde.
Jill reveals a lovely tattoo.
Dan, in the offical
"I'm Now A Married Man" stance.

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