The Degerberg Academy 1999 Picnic!

The Degerberg Academy
1999 Picnic

The shots below were taken on Sunday, August 15, 1999, and it was Yvonne's first outing with the Degerberg "family." Everyone had a marvelous time, there was food and fun galore, and it was a perfect day in the Chicago Forest Preserves. As this is an older page, we're going for simplicity here rather than flash, so you're waiting for twelve (not very big) photos to load. Don't hesitate to drop Yvonne an email (von @ if your name should be in the caption box next to one of these photos.

Head Honcho and Minions
Master Fred Degerberg Himself, Robyn Fielder, Matthew Woodring Stover.
King Picnic
Danny 'Can I throw a picnic or what?! Brenka.
Muscleman and the Unconvinced
Phil Carey, Clyde Lemons, Steve as an Unconvinced Spectator.
Lovebirds and Joe
Instructor Ed Mendoza Bridget Mendoza, plus Joe.
Oscar and Child
Oscar Bravo and Daughter.
More Minions
Linda, Gary, Dan, and Jamie.
Three Mouseketeers?
Yvonne, Dan and Robyn.
Who really runs the Degerberg!
Mom (Kathy) rules over all (Chelly).
Viva La Pinata!
Almost got it!
Bull's Eye!
Kids win!!!

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