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July 29, 2000 was a great day, both for a party to celebrate Degerberg Manager Danny Brenka's birthday (and his sister's!), and to start off an excellent weekend seminar of live blade training and Letha Yoga. The Degerberg was honored to welcome back Grandmaster Dr. U Maung Gyi and his two Assistant Instructors, John McNeill and Michael Decker. As is always the case when Dr. Gyi visits the Degerberg, the seminar was extremely well attended, and on Saturday the students were taught basic 3x9 cutting drills with the Kukri, as well as a different set of 6x9 cutting drills. Saturday night was the Brenka Birthday Celebration, and on Sunday Dr. Gyi took us through three hours of wonderful, body-healing Letha Yoga. Both staff and students are already looking forward to Dr. Gyi's next visit. Click on any image to see the bigger picture, and as always, if you're in a photo on this page and want to be identified, let me know at von @

Blood Brothers
Alec and Danny.
Hmmmmm. Could they
be brothers? Nah.
The Masters
Fred Degerberg,
Dick, Dr. Gyi.
Three Guys and a Garage
A close-up of Mike
Decker, John McNeill,
John L'Herault.
Bando Instructors
John McNeill and
Dr. U Muang Gyi,
and John L'Herault
of the Degerberg.
More Blood Brothers
Mike and John, who
look like they're
studying a very
interesting bug.
Von with the Degerbergs
Von with Yoga partner
Katie Degerberg,
Fred Degerberg.
Dr. Gyi and Von
Dr. Gyi and Von
(photo by John McNeill).
John and Von
John McNeill
and Von.

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