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We'll start you off with a shot of some of the survivors of January's "24-Hour Martial Arts Marathon." No, we're not kidding -- twelve hours of training, two days in a row. But we did it, partially because we're tough and we can take it (::ahem::), and partially because we just might be insane. Just below that are six photos from the Degerberg Ultimate Challenge held on April 1, 2000 (again, we're not kidding), an in-house competition event held once or twice yearly to give our students a taste of what it's like to be in the ring. As always, if you're in a photo here and want to be identified on this page, let me know at von @


A few survivors of the 24 Hour Martial Arts Marathon
Madness on 1/8-9/2000 with Master Fred (2nd row from bottom)

  Click on any image to view a larger version! Degerberg Ultimate Challenge - 4/1/2000
Raynay Valles whaps on
Yvonne Navarro in the
W.E.K.A.F. compeition.
Yvonne defends herself
against Raynay!
Jamie and Erin
Jamie Paulin and Erin
Arnett duke it out in a
kickboxing match.
  Alvin and Dan
Alvin Mendoza and Dan
Ward in a Pankration match.
Linda and Stephanie
Linda Kurtos and
Stephanie Nawyn face
off in kickboxing.
Round II
Linda and Stephanie...
still going!

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