Creature: The Second Palace Pup

Creature was the Darke Palace Pup for about six months in 1997. Unfortunately, Yvonne had to return him to the breeder's farm in Crystal Lake, Illinois (a wonderful place where he is now thoroughly enjoying running with his mom, dad and several aunts) because of a rather unique stubborn streak regarding housebreaking. We know he's happier where he can now you-know-what whenever the urge strikes him. He was and still is an incredibly beautiful and smart Irish Wolfhound with unique coloring. Like a child who's left the nest, we've left his room intact so other people can see him, too. We have 11 great photos here; click on any small one to see the bigger (and often goofy) picture. And for heaven's sake, don't miss Creature's Holiday Greeting from 1997!

Portrait of a Palace Pup
Portrait of a
Palace Pup
Creature, posing
Creature surveys
his Kingdom.
Yummy Soccer Ball
Of course
this is edible!
On deck!
On Deck.
I'm pooped!
Too pooped
to pose.
In costume.
It's the Pink
Panther Pup!
_It's Batpup!
Lookout superheroes -- it's Batpup!
Is it a bug?!
What the heck is this-- a bug??!
Mr. Graceful sits on the stairs.
Creature gives Mommy a kiss.
Family Album:
Pa meets Yvonne.
Family Album:
Ma gets a pat.
Hey, Bro!
Family Album: Creature's
brother (on the left).

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