Climb, Darn It!
Von starts up.
Von starts
her first climb.
Halfway there!
Von at the
halfway mark.
Yes, it's true. In the late spring of 1998, Yvonne stopped in a Galyans sporting goods store in Schaumburg, Illinois, innocently looking to spend money on hiking boots for her upcoming Arizona trip. Never having been inside this particular chain before, she took one look at the fifty foot climbing wall and said "Hey, I gotta try that!"

And so she did. The first three photos were taken by Trusty Dad during her first attempt. She made it about 80% of the way and was quite surprised to discover just how much use one makes of those forearm muscles in rock climbing.

The last photo was taken (by the same Trusty Dad) at the end of the second attempt (a different date-- yes, she did change her clothes!). Way up at the top is a big red button that emits a Tarzan yell throughout the store-- her prize for getting all the way up there!

on't look down!
Yipes -- this
is REALLY hard!
Nah -- 50 feet
is nothing!

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