Chanci: A Good Ol' Palace Pup

A one-of-a-kind dog like Chanci deserves to be immortalized. Half Lab, half Great Dane, Chanci was an oversized, smiley puppy from her goofy adoption from the Nashville dog pound in 1981 at about age one, all the way to when I lost her to cancer in 1992. I like to remember the good times-- Chanci barking when spritzed with a plant mister, Chanci tip-toeing across the kitchen floor so her toenails wouldn't click on the tiles and she could sneak up on me, Chanci leaning against my legs when she was happy and almost tipping me over-- and here's a few pictures to share with everyone. That ridiculous orange porcupine button you saw on your way in here was her longtime favorite squeaky toy until she died.
Chanci as a Youngster
Chanci in 1982 as a 'Young Lady.
Chanci Finds Elvis!
Chanci captures an Elvis
impersonator in 1990!
Chanci Stalks Holiday Gift!
Chanci gets her Christmas
present in 1990.
Chanci Conquers Bone!
Chanci conquers her Christmas present.
The Perfect Christmas Pup
Chanci poses for the
Christmas portrait in 1989.
Chanci the Gift-Wrapped Dog
Chanci helps wrap.

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