Babylon 5: The River of Souls

Babylon 5 Good Times!

"In July, 1998 I went to WizardWorld with a few marvelous friends and was fortunate enough to meet three of the talented Babylon 5 stars. Every B5 fan will recognize them instantly, of course. I've also included some shots of treasured friends and a few of the great people at Del Rey books, Babylon 5's official publisher. Again, while things didn't work out with this project, I still love B5, and I can't think of anything more useless and life-sapping than holding a grudge. I just couldn't let these pictures get dropped into obscurity. Click on any image to see a larger version of it, and enjoy!"

-- Yvonne, August 2000 --

Josh & Von
Yvonne gets a hug from Joshua Cox. Whew!
Claudia & Don
Friend Don basks in the glow of the lovely Claudia Christian.
Robin & Von
Yvonne gets another hug, this time from the handsome Robin Atkin Downes.
Delray Folks 1
Jenni Smith (Muscle-Babe), Ahn Hoang, Shelly Shapiro.
Delray Folks 2
Kuo Yu, author Matthew Woodring Stover, Steve Silver lends a helping hand, and Chris Levis.
Delray Folks 3
Jenni and Steve, still working hard.
Matt, Robyn & Kevin
Matt again, joined by Robyn Fielder and the dashing Kevin Stein.
Robyn & Kevin
SuperRobyn smushes Kevin.
Kevin & Von
Yvonne and Kevin. How sweeeeet!
Von & the Monster Guy
"Von leans on a strange monster guy.
Sean Jordan
Sean Jordan of ZEntertainment. All you gals, note: This young man has eyes and, when it appears, a smile to die for!
Anya, Phil, Chris & Tom
Phil Nutman, the lovely Anya Martin, Christopher Golden, and Tom Sniegoski.

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