Yvonne Navarro: Photos from World Horror 1999

World Horror Convention 1999
See The Fun With Your Own Eyes!

Okay, maybe it's not that exciting (unless you were there-- then you know the truth!), but we had some pretty good times. Here are a few highlights (click on any small image to see the full sized version) from the World Horror Convention held in March, 1999 in Atlanta, Georgia. And, of course, at the very end is a special, surprise photo of Yvonne with two of the most dangerous men in the writing industry today...

Von worries about the length of her dress.
Von grins like a maniac as she receives the WHC 1999 Short Story Contest First Place envelope from editor Steve Algeri of the elusive Pulp Eternity magazine. Photo by Don VanderSluis.
Brian Hodge does the authorly thing.
Author Brian Hodge signs books for fans at the Friday night authors signing. Photo by Don VanderSluis.
Von shows off her pet.
Von poses with a newly found pet created by the incredibly cool folks at Netherworld. Photo by Don VanderSluis.
Von shows off her pet-- a closer view.
We knew you really wanted a closer look at the teeth. (The pet's, not Von's.) Photo by Don VanderSluis.
Is Von doomed?!
Ohmigod! Von is about to be alien fodder! Quick -- she needs rescuing! Photo by Don VanderSluis with consultation by Beth Gwinn.
Dangerous Dames
The Dangerous Dames of Twilight Tales. Photo by Don VanderSluis.
The Terrible Trio of Roommates: Von, Rain Graves, and Lorelei Shannon. Photo by Don VanderSluis.
A Chorus Line? Not!
The Dance Line: Paula Guran, Sephera Giron, Jack Ketchum, Alexa deMonterice, Yvonne HerOwnSelf. Photo by The Overlook Connection.
The Incomparably Lovely Rain Graves. Photo by Don VanderSluis.
A Carving We Will Go!
Trick or Treat -- Smell Our Teeth! Can you guess who we are? Pumpkins by Gak -- Photo by The Overlook Connection. All rights reserved.
Von blushes in her new dress.
'This dress is so tight
I can't breathe!'
Von saves the day!
Von saves Neil Gailman from n'er-do-well John Shirley -- we are so proud!!! Photo by the immensely talented Beth Gwinn. All rights reserved.

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