That's Not My Name by Yvonne Navarro

"In THAT'S NOT MY NAME, Yvonne Navarro bestows upon us what we always most need - a novel distinguished by its generosity of feeling, sense of discovery, narrative timing and command, accuracy of phrasing, and above all its sustained power. This is an exciting, thrilling, heartfelt book."
                                                                -- Peter Straub --
                                                                Author of Ghost Story and
                                                                If You Could See Me Now


FIRST PLACE NATIONAL Winner of the 2001
NFPW Communications Contest
in the category of Adult Fiction

IWPA Mate E. Palmer Communications Contest
in the category of Adult Fiction


One snowy night, in a suburban parking lot, a man finds the quarry he's been stalking for months. And Nola Elidad finds herself imprisoned by a strangely caring kidnapper-- who insists she is his lost wife. Soon, he says-- when she's no longer sick-- she will remember who she is. But Nola knows she isn't the woman he claims... or is she? A nightmare journey is about to begin, propelling her into the shifting shadows of her own memory...

Across town, Nola's husband of three months must admit to Detective Lucas Conroy that he knows nothing of his bride's former life. Nor, it seems, does anyone else-- not her boss, not her doctor-- or they're not saying. Who is Nola Elidad? Somehow, Conroy must find the answer, even if his search for the missing woman leads him into a dark past haunted by cruelty, subterfuge, and murder.

Cover art and design by
Daniele Sera

Published by Bantam Books - June, 2000
ISBN 0-553-57750-6 -- 432 pages.
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"With THAT'S NOT MY NAME, Yvonne Navarro continues to explore -- and master -- the realms of suspense and nightmare. Once again, she's crafted a thoroughly compelling story that doesn't let go to the last page."
                                                                -- Matthew Costello --
                                                                Author of Maelstrom and
                                                                The 7th Guest

"THAT'S NOT MY NAME is a truly unsettling work of fiction. The chills come not from ghosts or external threats, but from within, from the very real tricks the mind can play on itself. Do not miss this one."
                                                                -- F. Paul Wilson --
                                                                Author of The Keep and

"With this sly, savvy mystery, Yvonne Navarro yanks the rug of certainty from beneath the reader too many times to count, and leaves one with the ultimate nagging question: Are you positive you're who you think you are?"
                                                                -- Brian Hodge --
                                                                Author of Wild Horses

"...Seize one of the first copies of Thatıs Not My Name and devour it whole."
                                                                -- Lisa DuMond --
                                                                SF Site, MEviews

"I couldn't put it down. This book and its intriguing plot grabbed me instantly."
                                                                -- Faye Dasen --
                                                                The Pilot

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