Hot Blood 6: Stranger by Night, including a story by Yvonne Navarro

Hot Blood #6: Strangers by Night Yvonnes story is "Impulse". The volume also includes stories by Tom Piccirilli, Ramsey Campbell, Brinke Stevens, Edo van Belkom, Michael Garrett, Christa Faust, Bruce Jones, Graham Masterton, Wendy Rathbone, John B. Rosenman, Lucy Taylor, Michael Newton, Jeff Gelb, Edward Lee and Gary Bowen, Alexa deMonterice, Brian Lumley and Brian Hodge.
Excerpted from Reviews by Edward Bryant in Locus, October 1996:

"...Yvonne Navarro's "The Stranger Who Sits Beside Me" is another paean to family bliss. The stranger of the title is a woman on a commuter train who appears at the edge of the Protagonist's field of attention-- and then proceeds to warp his life by gradually supplanting his wife. Believe me, she's not your stereotypical husband-snatcher..."

Published by Pocket Star Books -- Fall 1995
ISBN 0-67153-754-7
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