DeadTimes by Yvonne Navarro


Trade Paperback Version

One woman.
One life.
Nine deaths.

Mae Johnson, child of an accursed union between a white trapper and a Hopi maiden, loves life. She loves it so much that in the sunset of her life she bargains with infernal powers for more. But Mae should have known better than to think she'd get a straight deal from the Devil...


Digital Version. Cover art
by Danielle Tunstall.

"This is a work that celebrates our common humanity... Literature can have no greater goal than that."
                                                                -- Garrett Peck --

"It's a pleasure to read a novel and know that the author has come up with something original, satisfying and enjoyable."
                                                                -- Paul Legerski --
                                                                Masters of Terror

"DeadTimes is a clear winner, a tale that proves there are fates worse than death -- and sometimes living is one of them."
                                                             -- Beth Amos --
                                                             Author of Cold White Fury

ISBN #0-9672029-5-7
Trade Paperback - 244 pages.

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