deadrush by Yvonne Navarro

"This one is good, gang-- definitely in my top ten for 1995."
Hank Wagner, Over Views #31

deadrush cover
Cover art copyright 1995 by Alan Ayers

Born of the twisted faith of a teenage boy in a backwoods Georgia church, a new addiction is carried to the brutal streets of Chicago. In a dark alley, on a steamy June night, the fifth victim of a serial killer rises from the dead as its first initiate. Unable to resist her dark new desire, trapped by her own body and perverse yearning, she is alive but not alive, dead but not undead-- forced by the raging call inside to spread the


Across a landscape of urban violence, the contagion passes from hand to hand, flesh to flesh, predator to prey. One by one, its unwilling victims return to live again-- only to discover a craving that is not to be denied. Soon they learn the terrible truth of their rebirth: there is no life after death... only hunger.

"A wonderfully chilling account of corruption, cruelty, and obsession..."
Don D'Ammassa, Science Fiction Chronicle

"Metaphoric, resonant -- I cannot recommend her writing highly enough."
Timothy Walker, The Dayton Voice

Published by Bantam Books - December, 1995
ISBN 0-553-56359-9.

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