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If you have a book or books, or a bookmark or photo you'd like signed, feel free to send it along to:

Yvonne Navarro
Post Office Box 1364
Sierra Vista, AZ 85636-1364

PLEASE NOTE! You MUST include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with enough postage on it for the item to come back to you. Items without return postage will not be returned. Do not send cash or a check. Have the items weighed and put the stamps on your pre-addressed return envelope. If you are not in the US, please PayPal the appropriate postage, including PayPal fees, to von @ with full instructions.

Sorry, Yvonne does not sign stacks of blank bookplates.

Questions not answered on the FAQs page (check there first), may be sent to von @ yvonnenavarro. com. Because of spam, we no longer list active email addresses. It may take awhile for Yvonne to respond.

Email Rules: If the subject line is blank, if it has Yvonne's name in it (a common spam ID), or if it just says "Hi" or "Hello", it gets deleted by spam filters. Do not send attachments.

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