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***   Updated November 5, 2007  ***

Okay, I can't believe I'm admitting this in public and to the world, but yes, I had the wrong year (yes, YEAR) on that date header above. Honestly, folks-- it was June, 2007 (not 2006) when I last updated. I may not be the greatest at getting to the coding here on the Announcements page, but I'm not so bad it would be a year and a half. Sheesh!

Okay, so we've moved into fall weather here in the great southwest. Cold nights, warm, sun-filled days. Yeah, I can do a fall that has 45 degrees at night but 79 on the way home from work. The snow can stay where I can see it-- on the mountaintop a number of miles away (when the snow finally does arrive), where I can enjoy how beautiful it looks without ever having to step in or shovel it.

Life has been extremely busy. We have new family members now, a 90-year-old, a 16-year-old, and a bird named Edgar (or is it Edwina?) Allen Poe, or Poe-Poe for short. My husband is pursuing his Master's Degree, the dogs are rambunctious, and even more family members have moved in to be close to us. Suffice it to say that a family dinner is no longer three people and a movie; when it happens, Sunday dinner has morphed into an eight person extravaganza. Yeah, things are busy. And I still dream of returning to writing full-time. I even have my daily schedule mentally planned out. One must have goals.

The Super-Secret Project is plugging along. I had hoped my self-imposed deadline of October 1st would jack up the speed, but I just couldn't compete with the demands of real life. At last report, in June of 0-SEVEN, it was coming up on 100 pages. In the time since, it has grown only to 143. Yeah, I'm not going very fast, but at least I keep hoping to pick up the pace. I did, however, retitle it-- I don't think I'd ever been satisfied with the original one, and I like this one a lot better. Even so, I'm waiting until I get a bit closer to the end to reveal it.

Christmas is coming. I still have a bit of inventory left, fiction books (signed and unsigned), cool skeletons, fairies and dragons and whatnot (check out the fabulous dragon wine bottle holders) on Dusty Stacks. Some of the non-fiction has already been liquidated, and the rest will eventually follow. Order while you can (and please don't forget to add postage).

My continual reminder: If you're looking for a good, short read, please check out the story I've got on the Amazon.com Shorts program. For the tiny sum of 49 cents, you can download and read "Healer," the tale that won the Short Story Contest at the World Horror Convention in 2000. It's one of my very favorites, and it's right Here. Yes, please make me rich, 49 cents at a time. Ha ha.

Happy Post-Halloween-Pre-Thanksgiving!

-- Von --

44% bigger and better than the first edition. Go see it on the FNRD Page.
My latest solo child. Check it out on the Mirror Me Page.
Available from the Overlook Connection. Their inventory is dwindling and the contract has expired. Right now I have no plans to go back to print, so get this while you can, especially if you're one of those hardback-preferred people.
Von never gives up. This is where you can find her books and some other nifty stuff. Speaking of which, if you're in the mood for spooky skeleton stuff, go to the Dusty Stacks page. Prices are the lowest on the net and Von's little bookstore is giong to close pretty soon. This is your last chance to check out the book inventory, the skeletons, and some of those one-of-a-kind t-shirts (inventory limited, and sorry-- no more custom shirts are being made).
Our Creme de la Creme. Check out Von's books here page. Many of Von's out-of-print solo novels can be bought (autographed) right here at the Palace or at her little bookstore, Dusty Stacks. In keeping with the demands of today's marketplace (yadda yadda yadda), she can even take PayPal.

Stories, some available now, some still to come:

  • "Each Day is a Centory" in Doorways #2.
  • "Feeding the Dead Inside" in Mondo Zombie (a finalist for the 2007 Bram Stoker Award).
  • "Healer" on Amazon Shorts.
  • "Craving" in Outsiders: An Anthology of Misfits.
  • "Times of Atonement" in Taverns of the Dead (a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award last year).
  • "Twelve Hours" in the Necon 25 Anniversary Book. Alas, copies of this limited edition program book are not publicly for sale, so this one may require some hunting down. It's the only place "Twelve Hours" has ever appeared thus far.
  • "Changing the Color of Darkness" in City Slab #6.
  • "The Only Thing" in Shocklines: Fresh Voices in Terror
  • "Yvonne Navarro's 13 Favorite Movie Creatures" in The Horror Book of Lists, to be published by HarperCollins in October 2008.
  • A yet-unnamed story to be published on Horror World in September 2008, as part of the Featured Author.

  • TusCon - November 9-11, 2007. A great yearly science fiction convention in the heart of historic Tucson, Arizona. Come visit-- the desert in November will surely seduce you!
  • The Gasden Hotel 100th Anniversary Celebration, Douglas, Arizona - November 17, 2007. As part of the celebration, this fabulous event is also hosting local Arizona authors and artists in their extraordinary, Tiffany-stained-glass-saturated hotel. Plus, it's reported to be haunted. What horror writer could pass on that?!
  • World Horror Convention -- March 27-30, 2008. We've already registered for this Utah extravaganza, and you should, too!
  • Necon 2008 -- July 17-20, 2008. The One. The Only. Be there. Besides, there's a Guest-of-Honor line-up you just can't miss!
  • STAY INFORMED! I've started an infrequent newsletter on GoogleGroups. If you'd like to be on the list (I've only sent one newsletter out since initiating it, so you won't be drowned in my messages), drop me an email to von @ yvonnenavarro. com and I'll sign up. Thanks!

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