c Aliens: Music of the Spears

Aliens:Music of the Spears
Cover art ©1996 by John Bolton

New York City, 2214: The streets are clogged with the Jelly-addicted and the homeless, while the elite cluster in glittering office towers. Among them: the ruthless head of an entertainment conglomerate who seeks revenge by giving a maniacal artist his ultimate desire: an alien.

Damon Eddington will shock the world and with his newest composition, the Symphony of Hate. Wrapped within its bizarre music can be found the most tortured of human sounds, combined with the razor-steel screams of a Homeworld alien. Yet the supreme cry continues to elude him and, obsessed with completing his musical creation and controlled by his need for the life-form's harshest voice, Eddington knows that the sound he seeks lies deep inside the ruthless creature he has named Mozart.

And he will stop at nothing to free it....

"Another fast paced read in the ALIENS series. Many of these are action packed, thrill a minute, rollercoaster rides of fear. Well, Yvonne's book takes more than its own share of adrenaline rushes and combines them with literary merit. Take those Aliens we've come to regard as deadly cockroaches, add warped music, the prerequisite violence, quality writing and you end up with Yvonne Navarro's distinctive style of literary dark delights...."

---Buzz Review, January 1998

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